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Spreading Your Wings

Services 9.     Restaurant Expansion

Perhaps you have a good (or even great) restaurant or food service concept running, and are thinking about expansion and scalability. Whether your business is a one-unit company or a 300-location concept, we can help jumpstart the growth of your venture across a wide range of corporate categories, stewarding the process and guiding you toward success and profitability.

In order to package it properly and sell it to investors, guests or the media to garner the results and attention you seek for growth, a marketing and business plan package is critical. Our creative services and marketing team gurus at Fray & Associates  work with clients to create all types of plans and presentations that can mean the difference between forging new partnerships or for just holding steady with a good concept that never grows.

Get in touch with us today, and learn how our experts can help you with your restaurant’s or food service concept’s expansion and growth strategy.



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