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Sixty67 Group is formulated by a unique network of industry resources that assist our clients in successfully fulfilling a broad range of project objectives.  


At our food service, hospitality and event management group, we strive to provide exceptional service and create memorable experiences for guests. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality service while maintaining a commitment to sustainability and community engagement.

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The Sixty67 Group is a multifaceted organization specializing in food service, hospitality, and event management. The key focus of our operations is to provide exceptional service and create memorable experiences for guests. Here's a bit more elaboration on what this means:

Food Service: The sixty67 Group offers a comprehensive array of food and beverage services, which could include everything from elegant dining experiences to casual fare.  We offer catering services for events, whatever the setting, our focus is on high-quality food, prepared well, and served with outstanding customer service.


Hospitality: As a part of the hospitality industry, we've been involved in managing hotels, resorts, and other accommodation options. The emphasis is on creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for guests, with a high standard of service that includes attention to detail and responsiveness to guest needs.

Event Management: The Sixty67 Group offers services for managing and coordinating a wide range of events, whether it's a small corporate meeting or a large convention. As part of this service, we'll take care of every detail from start to finish, ensuring that each event runs smoothly and guests have a memorable experience.

Sustainability Commitment:  We are committed to the environment and sustainable practices. This is reflected in our choice of food suppliers, energy use, waste management, and other operational choices.

Community Engagement:  We are in local communities, contributing to their well-being and development. This involves our connection to charitable work with Charity and Nonprofit organizations like the Fray Family Foundation or Support Black Charities.  We sponsor local events, partner with local businesses, and even employ local staff, providing them with growth and development opportunities.


Overall, the Sixty67 Group is dedicated to upholding high standards in every aspect of its operations while focusing on sustainability and the community. It aims to leave a lasting impression on every guest it interacts with, whether they're attending an event, dining at one of our partner's establishments, or staying at one of our partner's hospitality facilities.

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