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  • How do we sign up with Sixty67 Group?
    Fill out the contact information on our site and leave a message and check off what your area of work you need.
  • Are your food services limited to the GTA area?
    No, we serve clients all across North America the Caribbean and launching in Africa .
  • Do you only work with specific types of establishments?
    No! Our food services & hospitality establishment management cover the full spectrum of the hospitality industry. Majority of our clients are restaurants but our overall client profiles range from nightclubs to fine dining.
  • What is your pay structure?
    We work with a variety of fee structures. You can choose just how much of our expertise you want to apply to your business. The pay structure is totally customized to your needs.
  • Can you help us with menu development?
    Your menu plays a crucial role in your business. With the help of Chef Rob Rainford and our team of skilled chefs, we have extensive experience in creating innovative menus. We will work to understand the unique characteristics of your establishment, target market, and production capabilities, and develop functional and delicious recipes. We will then document and standardize these recipes in a clear format, increasing the productivity and efficiency of your establishment.
  • If we bring Sixty67 Group on board how much money will they make us?
    It depends on the establishment. Once we determine that we are a fit for each other, we will do an initial consultation to assess the areas of opportunities for growth, cutting expenses and where our services can best help you move forward. We can save a client between 7% and 15% of sales (that is between $70,000 - $150,000 for a hospitality establishment with $1 million in sales.). Will will only take on clients that we know we can make their bottom line grow.

Food Services & Hospitality Establishment Management

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