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Reinventing The Wheel

Services 7.    Menu Engineering

While you are running your business, our team of seasoned executive chefs, and systems experts will work behind the scenes to develop an innovative restaurant menu design to launch your concept to the next level of profitability and rave reviews.  We understand that there should be intentional strategy behind the development of a menu concept that takes many different factors into consideration, including:sourcing of ingredients, purveyors, and product partner relationships, equipment needed to prepare menu items to exacting standards.  Cross-utilization of ingredients and foods to balance costs and make preparation efficient stacking of day parts and menu options for flexibility and service to your target guests understanding seasonality and how it can positively affect menu offerings.  Beyond that, once you’ve got an overall menu concept that conveys the brand and your vision, the next critical step is knowing how a good menu design (the pages that your guests will hold in their hands) is a mix of information, temptation, education, psychology, and action.

Our Menu Engineering process results in a 4-8% of sales profit increase for a typical restaurant and has never yielded any less than a 2% of sales profit increase.

For example a restaurant with $1 million in revenues that’s at least a $20,000 profit increase – what are you waiting for!?!?  

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