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Restaurant Evaluation and Assessment
Restaurant Evaluation and Assessment

     To see what really happens inside your business, you need an outside, expert, objective perspective. A team that specializes in restaurant consulting who can    assess each and every aspect of your operation: from front of house and back     office restaurant services, to personnel and purchasing to menu design and everything in between. That’s Sixty67 Group.


How Do We Do This?


     We assess, evaluate and make recommendations at a level that matches your needs. We review your business from subjective, objective, and critical perspectives to create the most efficient, effective, and direct plan.

     Our experienced team of evaluators, operators, systems experts, managers,   executive chefs, and staffing specialists dig in to find ways to improve operations by implementing systems and training staff to fully understand what is working and what isn’t.


The Result?


     Our deliverable is based upon clear, factual reporting, and qualitative and quantitative findings to guide improvements and set new standards of performance. Solid information yields solid recommendations.


Restaurant P&L Analysis – Impact Service


     Whether you’re overwhelmed by your restaurant’s profit and loss statement or feel like you know it like the back of your hand, Sixty67 Group is committed to working with you to evaluate, analyze and improve your restaurant’s P&L statement. Our restaurant consultants can do:


· Line-by-line analysis and P&L “scrubbing”

· Three to 10 points of new profit can be generated.

· Structured budgeting process created.


     Get in touch with Sixty67 Group today, and see how your restaurant can benefit from a customized assessment.



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