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Empowering Communities, Eradicating Hunger

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Rob Rainford is a chef, restaurateur, educator and author. As the former host of Licence to Grill (LTG) on Food Network Canada, Discovery Home and Asian Food Channel, Chef Rainford has cooked for some of the biggest celebrities all over the world and now will be bringing those same celebs into the kitchen to cook for you on his Upcoming NEW U.S. Food Network Show 'HUNGRY'.

Presented by Chef Rob Rainford and CEO Tim Fray Co-Founders of Sixty67 Group

The "Food is Not a Privilege" initiative by Sixty67 Group aims to ensure as many school-age children, young adults and families have access to nutritious food by 2030, addressing hunger through school meal programs, food industry partnerships, and educational initiatives. Guided by empowerment, collaboration, sustainability, and innovation principles, the strategic plan involves tailored program development, robust monitoring, and capacity building. 


  • School Meal ProgramS

  • Engaging Food Industry Partners

  • Educating and Empowering Children




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