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Culinary Artistry.

Services 4.    Menu Development

Our world-class team of operators, chefs, and eaters have the experience and talent to help you with anything food & beverage related. From menu development and analysis, to complete menu makeovers and developing a set of recipes that align with your brand, we know how to cook up solutions that are right for your business. And our ideas are not just for the dinner service: we have a network of award winning culinary experts on staff who will help define these segments for you as well.

To us, food is a medium. And we’re experts in understanding its structure. We know how to study it, experiment with it, and craft ingredients and flavors to match any concept. With much more than just naming dishes on a menu, our chefs work with our clients to develop new items, provide recipes, costing analysis, sourcing insight and direction, and train kitchen teams on preparation and service procedures so your guests can enjoy the best of what you have to offer. Let us help you improve your food & beverage business – contact Fray & Associates today.


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