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Creating a Buzz.



Services 2.    Marketing

Marketing success is truly only defined by the execution of a strategic, integrated plan. It’s not about spontaneity or last minute promotions, nor is it about running endless ads, but the best strategies are born from a solid, comprehensive Marketing Action Plan (MAP) that is proactive, creative, varied, and tied to a budget and a calendar.

We consider advertising, buzz strategies, events, outreach, promotions, media targeting, social media, digital communications, and more among the tools to gain the most success in any food service operation. Our marketing team develops top line plans for implementation and execution by in-house resources (or through a network of outside resources) to meet your needs.

We know how to build awareness, market share, buzz worthy impressions, and guest trial by leveraging these types of tools, guided by first hand experience with highly successful operations and restaurants. From graphic design and website development to marketing, communications, and social media, to making it all work together, Fray & Associates provide the insight, know how, and

multi layered strategy to expand your brand reach, generate new guest trial, and create a high level of brand loyalty with your guests as critical messengers.  Contact Us to set up a meeting!

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