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Weekly Restaurant Tips!

STRATEGY!!!   2017


Our team is a network with some of the industry's top personnel. Our focus is to bring together the best consultants in their field of expertise which allow Fray & Associates to focus on the complete spectrum, from opening your new establishment to menu engineering. 


FRAY & ASSCOCIATES is a hospitality management and consulting firm which assists owners, investors and hospitality organizations in operational management. Providing result oriented decisions on a broad range of industry issues, our consultants facilitate executive management with strategic..........


1) Beginning with the end in sight!

2) Creating a Buzz

3) Nuts and Bolts

4) Culinary Artistry

5) Cultivating Habits

6) Sharpening the Mind

7) Reinventing the Wheel

8) Atmosphere Invigoration

9) Spreading Your Wings



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